T-Art Academy will be rebooted on coming April! Experience the carefully selected new material and technique from the professional.

TERRADA has held an art technique learning program 「T-Art Academy」since 2014. This time, the courses are renewed with services for professionals, high amateurs and researchers those who would like to experience the supreme techniques.

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T-Art Academy is where you could experience new techniques from professional that you will not be able to learn at other art schools or elsewhere.
Please join us with this opportunity to learn one step ahead to enrich your expression!

Upcoming workshop: participation on the day is welcomed!
Demonstration and trial of Ink Stick production @PIGMENT
JPY1000 (tax included)/ One ink stick

New courses starting from April

4/2(SAT)【The foundation of Japanese painting】
Learn how to use natural mineral pigments! Essential course ~Paint KAKITSUBATA-Iris~

More details can be found here.

4/3(SUN)Let's Study about Art Materials from the Beginning! - Making Original Paint
More details can be found here.
Instructor: PIGMENT Lab Chief, Doctor of Philosophy in Art Dr.KEI IWAIZUMI

4/9(SAT)Learn Professionals -lining, Japanese style framing
More details can be found here.
Instructor: MONOBE Yasunori, Professional artisan of framing and mounting

4/16(SAT)Seeking the Potential of Expression in Japanese Calligraphy
More details can be found here.
Instructor: Japanese Calligrapher. Ms. KASETSU

4/17(SUN)Secret Techniques of Japanese Painting
More details can be found here.
Instructor: PIGMENT Lab Chief, Doctor of Philosophy in Art Dr.KEI IWAIZUMI

4/23(SAT) Workshop by Modern art artist Mr. OHMAKI SHINJI
More details can be found here.
Instructor: Modern art artist Mr. OHMAKI SHINJI

Work : Echoes Infinity
Third Floor-Hermès Singapore 2012
Created with the support of the Fondation d’enterprise Hermès for Third-Floor Hermès Gallery-Singapore 2012.

  • "San Sui Kyo (Landscape)" RYOZO KATO

4/24(SUN)Guidance of Chinese Landscape Painting (Sansui-ga)-Basic Knowledges and Techniques
More details can be found here.
Instructor: Painter Mr. RYOZO KATO

How to Apply
Please contact us by email with the information down below.
Title “Title of each course you wish to take"
Cell phone number
Emergency contact Email address
After fill out your information, please send mail to : t_art_academy@terrda.co.jp
We will get back to you with the payment method.

Tel: 070-1543-6507 Ms. Kohno

Open Hours:11am - 8pm, Closed on Mondays & Thursdays
Address:Harbor One Building 1F 2-5-5 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 JAPAN
Access:About 3-minute walk from Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit Rinkai Line 'Tennozu Isle Station'
About 5-minute walk from Tokyo Monorail 'Tennoz Isle Station'

Please check out our Facebook & twitter for the latest information!
Share your thoughts / inquiries to pigment@terrada.co.jp

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東京・天王洲アイルにある画材ラボPIGMENT(ピグモン)。 PIGMENTでは、日本の伝統画材をはじめ世界各地の希少で良質な画材をセレクトし展示・販売しています。アーティストやクリエイターのみなさんにとって制作のパートナーともいえる画材や素材。PIGMENTで取り扱っている多種多様な画材、素材の魅力や使い方などをPIGMENTラボスタッフから発信していきます。