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In previous blog, we had introduced some of our color materials. This time we would like to explain more about the base materials & tools, which are the driving force behind the artists. It is very important for artists to choose the best and suitable tools for different base materials. Therefore, in order to maintain your artworks’ quality, let us show you the foundations!

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A Brush is an essential tool that projects technique of the artist. And expression is infinite by kinds of material hair, combination and shape.

We have over 600 types of brushes from manufacturers, such as “NAKAZATO”, NAMURA TAISEI-DO” and ”SEISHIN-DO”, made of Goat, Weasel, Horse, Deer or nylon fiber.

We recommend various brushes upon customer’s request, from paint brush, those for picture mounting / framing to very special ones made of bird’s feather, such as peacock and egret.

一For example, a brush that seems difficult to control might lead you to unexpected expressions.

Feel free to try our brushes at the working table before purchasing.
Try them out and discover the best ones that really fit your expression at PIGMENT!

■Wooden frame, Panel

We have wooden frames & panels from “MARUOKA-KOGYO ”, a Japan’s proudest maker of high-quality wooden canvas frames.

Frames are made of over 200 years old western red cedars from Canada, to secure the stability and strength.

For wooden panels they use mortise joints to avoid any distortion after applying water or paints.
Also by covering with special film, it will keep the art from baneful influence by scum or resin from material wood.

Thicker panels specially made for PIGMENT.

Today, many artists display their works without any framing.
By using these thick ones help you keep the surface flat and also creates more presence to the object.

■WASHI (Japanese paper)

We have Japanese papers from“IWANO HEIZABURO”of Echizen-area, “AWAGAMI Factory” from Tokushima or “OGUNI-washi (They grow material plants by themselves! )” from Niigata.

We also developed PIGMENT original paper carefully considering the mixture of materials and thickness.
Also some unique craft paper from Kyoto is available.

Washi papers are displayed on light table to check patterns or design of paper by using the passage of light.


Ink stone is necessary tool when you use ink sticks.

A large part of our collection is old ones from China (before Qing dynasty)
There are classified by their locality or lithology, such as Duan, Chengni, She and Tao-he ink stones.
Outcome of grinded ink liquid: colors or touch will also be different by the combination of ink stones & ink sticks.
Whether the color of ink becomes “Reddish” or “Bluish” depends on the size of particles, density and even hardness of the water.

When you hear “ink stone”, you might think of a black rectangular shape as we used at school. However, there are many variations in shapes and colors.

Good ink stones have quality in not only the practical excellence but also decorative beauty.
We believe that they could be called as Supreme Art Tool.
Here at PIGMENT, we provide products in moderate prices, and you can also find antiques as well.


This time, we introduced the base materials & tools. We will be more than happy if you could feel closer to the world of art material.

Visit PIGMENT to feel the real texture or delicate color of our product!

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東京・天王洲アイルにある画材ラボPIGMENT(ピグモン)。 PIGMENTでは、日本の伝統画材をはじめ世界各地の希少で良質な画材をセレクトし展示・販売しています。アーティストやクリエイターのみなさんにとって制作のパートナーともいえる画材や素材。PIGMENTで取り扱っている多種多様な画材、素材の魅力や使い方などをPIGMENTラボスタッフから発信していきます。