POWWOW with the experts at Art Supply laboratory「PIGMENT」

PIGMENT is located in TENNOZ aisle, TOKYO. Here you can find collections of high quality and hard-to-find art supplies, tools from Japan and other countries. Materials and tools are essential partners for artists and creators. In this blog, we will introduce the feature and usage of our products.

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Inside view

Designed by the architect Kengo Kuma. The atmosphere created from the iconic bamboo curtain expresses our concept: Inherit the traditional technique and culture to present art creation.

The lab was named after the main products: the pigment.
Thousands of glass bottles on the wall will attract the attention as you enter the space. In fact, there are many customers visit this place just to see the PIGMENT WALL, to enjoy the overwhelming view of colors.

Over 4,200 colors are displayed and for sale from 15 grams.

PIGMENT provides special pigments and original products those you will never find elsewhere, because we keep on researching and developing more original products with different manufacturers.

PIGMENT is also a museum of art supply & material.
We will generate information of the cultural background of each material and tool from here.

You could also browse and purchase our products at the online store.
Recently, we are getting more and more orders from all over the world.

POWWOW with our art supply experts

Lab chief Dr. KEI Iwaizumi, a specialist of art supply & materials is explaining the detail of pigments to customers.

At PIGMENT, customers can consult with our expert staff of art supplies about the characteristic and history of the products.
It is important for us to provide services for customers to be satisfied about each item by showing the aspects in various uses and scenes.
The lab area is designed for customers to try the sample product out before purchasing them.

Work-table inside the lab.
Take your time to try most of the products until you fully understand the material.
If you are interested in learning more about the art techniques, please feel free to join our “T-Art Academy” classes using PIGMENT products.

▽T-Art Academy program in January▽
Metal foil workshop @PIGMENT
~Apply foils on acrylic photo frame~

Try using 4 kinds of foils (aluminum, silver and RED / BLUE brass foils).
Paint picture on acrylic photo frame with a special glue and apply foils on the glue. Perfect for interior decoration or gift for friends.

Instructor:Mr. NOJO Masayoshi :Artist / Art supply expert of PIGMENT
Graduated master course of KYOTO UNIVERSITY ART & DESIGN
2016.1.17 (SUN)  13:00~17:00 
2-5-5 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku TERRADA Harbor One Bldg. 1F
JPY5,400 per person - (Including 1 photo frame and other designated materials)
※Additional photo frame available at JPY2,160 each.
Japanese only

【How to apply】
Please send us e-mail to pigment@terrada.co.jp , with title:「Metal foil workshop @PIGMENT」
2 Nationality
3 Mobile phone
4 E-mail address
We will get back to you with payment method and more details.


Trying new material or tools consulting with the ART SUPPLY EXPERTS is one unique way to fully enjoy PIGMENT.
We all look forward to meeting you at PIGMENT soon!

Open Hours:11am - 8pm, Closed on Mondays & Thursdays
Address:Harbor One Building 1F 2-5-5 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 JAPAN
Access:3-minute walk from Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit Rinkai Line 'Tennozu Isle Station'
5-minute walk from Tokyo Monorail 'Tennoz Isle Station'

Please check out our Facebook & twitter for the latest information!
Share your thoughts / inquiries to pigment@terrada.co.jp

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東京・天王洲アイルにある画材ラボPIGMENT(ピグモン)。 PIGMENTでは、日本の伝統画材をはじめ世界各地の希少で良質な画材をセレクトし展示・販売しています。アーティストやクリエイターのみなさんにとって制作のパートナーともいえる画材や素材。PIGMENTで取り扱っている多種多様な画材、素材の魅力や使い方などをPIGMENTラボスタッフから発信していきます。