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Greetings of the season! Half a year has already passed since our opening; selections of products keep growing to meet your expectations. Especially as we have more customers from overseas, we feel that people appreciate art supplies not only as “TOOLs”, but also as a gateway to traditions & culture.

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When we appreciate art woks, colors and texture are the first contact point with the work. How the artist fixes what kind of pigments and binder is one of the ways to enjoy art!
You may find the characteristic of each artist from subtle difference of colors or texture, even if they paint the same motif.

In this blog, we will introduce materials for colors and binder; those are the faces of art works from our 10,000 products.


IWAENOGU (Mineral) pigment : Used for Japanese painting
General pigment : Used for oil, acrylic other paints
Pearl pigment, Effect pigment : paints for automobiles or cosmetics.
IWAENOGU is basically powder from various gemstones. We display some gemstones for customers to know the origin of colors, and they are also a good way for comparison.

Pearl and Effect pigments are favored by its beautiful polarized pearl color, which is also the reason why it is called “Effect Pigment”.
Effect Pigment is very popular here as there is no other place that sells them by small amount.

Especially our collection of over 120 organic blue, green mineral pigments made from azurite are magnificent.

We believe that there is no other place contains this much of variety of precious azurite pigments.

Medium is a general term of glue that binds pigments together to make paints.
Texture of paint depends on what kind of medium you choose!

NIKAWA(Animal & Fish glue) is generated from skins of animals or fish.
Also it is one of the 3 traditional glues of the world: Nikawa, Lacquer and Asphalt.
It is an essential material for Japanese painting or ink sticks, and creates different touch by material animal or process.

Also we have acrylic medium, special water-soluble-oil for oil paint and Gum Arabic for water-color paint.

Tube colors are already mixture of various medium and pigments. Stability is their strength but sometimes it could lead the expression to be too simple.
On the other hand, handmade paints will produce Originality or Uniqueness of the artist.
It will be one way to create your originality by study and produce your own paint materials.

■Metal Leaf

PIGMENT also has many kinds of metal leaves from well-known Gold, Silver leaf to colorful oxidized ones.
KIRIMAWASHI is known as leaf chips cut off from leftover of square leaf.
KESHI(MUD) is pigment powdered from gold, silver and other metals, that could be used to make paint mixed with various mediums.
You may find the suitable material for your expression from leaf to powder.

As the saying goes ”Ink has 5 colors” deep emotional black colors attracts us.
Its expression is infinite by choosing a process or technique.

Our ink sticks are from the old brand of Nara prefecture called “Boku-undo”.
From reasonable ones to vintage ones called KOBOKU(Old ink), HYAKUSENBOKU made from carefully selected materials to made-to-order inks for famous calligrapher.

Fine and delicate sculpture is almost the level of art & craft.

Also colorful ink sticks called SAIBOKU are very popular for customers from overseas. They are one easier way to try painting with pigment and animal glue.


In next blog, we will introduce the variety of base materials and tools.

We are with full of products you may want to try!
Visit PIGMENT to get an idea of your creation or just to check out the craftsmanship & beauty of traditional art supply.

Here you can talk to our experts. Together we will find the best material and tools for you!

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Address:Harbor One Building 1F 2-5-5 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 JAPAN
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5-minute walk from Tokyo Monorail 'Tennoz Isle Station'

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東京・天王洲アイルにある画材ラボPIGMENT(ピグモン)。 PIGMENTでは、日本の伝統画材をはじめ世界各地の希少で良質な画材をセレクトし展示・販売しています。アーティストやクリエイターのみなさんにとって制作のパートナーともいえる画材や素材。PIGMENTで取り扱っている多種多様な画材、素材の魅力や使い方などをPIGMENTラボスタッフから発信していきます。